The Society of the Hourglass

The Society of the Hourglass (SotH)

An Extended Roadmap Discussion — Delivering Long-term Collectible Value

As NFT evangelists, we’ve carefully studied the progression of PFP projects this year. We’ve participated as consumers of NFTs: minting, collecting, HODLing, and flipping too (just being real). Through this process we’ve seen a lot we like and don’t like about NFT projects and the communities around them. The Society of the Hourglass is both a reflection of what we want to see in the NFT space, and the beginning of our direct contribution to the future of art and technology on the blockchain.

The Society of the Hourglass (SotH) is a team here to contribute in the ways that add to what has already been built, and with a focus on what we can do better than most.

There are a lot of PFP projects out there right now, and not all of them are thoughtful or created with the long-term intent. With that in mind, it is important for us to state explicitly what we are and what we are NOT here…

What we are NOT:

  • We are NOT another PFP project with a lightweight roadmap, or a promise to build the metaverse.

What we ARE:

  • A team seeking to surprise and delight SotH members (NFT holders) and deliver real outcomes from our roadmap and beyond for years to come.

How SotH will blaze a new NFT trail:

The Society of the Hourglass is an anchoring project and foundational moment for this team. It’s the delivery of the art and story we feel compelled to support and share. It’s what we want as collectors and evangelists, but haven’t seen. Our team includes the leaders behind Cartwheel Startup Studio, the leader behind Dreamloops and Bitlectro Labs, one of the community leaders behind Animetas, and an amazing published artist that we’re excited to spotlight through this release. Our reputations are on the line, and we take that seriously.

Behind the SotH launch is a suite of NFT software concepts — concepts that are tapping directly into the potential of NFT-centric tools that unlock more value for collectors, creators, and companies alike.

Our perspective as technology startup junkies and artistic leaders help us see the potential for NFTs in the space between art, technology, and business — the blue ocean where creators lead out in how new products get launched, how marketing gets revolutionized, how new business formation takes place, and how broader frontline workflows get transformed. Many others will drive the blockchain and NFT communities forward in ways we can’t, but our unique right to win sits in this bridge between the creator and their potential corporate partners — a bridge that must be built to bring NFTs into its next wave of adoption. That’s where our skills will push NFT utility and sustainability forward.

Now, on to what all this means for The Society of the Hourglass and its community members…

As we actively drive towards delivering software products serving the NFT ecosystem — one of which will be launched in coordination with the SotH minting — we believe the outsized value for SotH NFT holders on the horizon will come from holding onto this collection as we deliver new utility through new tools. Ultimately, The Society of the Hourglass holders will get exclusive access to opportunities beyond what we are committed to deliver within the NFT project and brand itself— which is already, dare we say, more than most NFT projects out there provide. There is a lot to be excited about here from all sides.

We will share more detail here as we lay the ground work.

Join our discord and enjoy the ride.

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